What's in a Darkroom?
The experts at National Camera Exchange & Video have compiled a list of materials and equipment needed for your darkroom. For your convenience, we've broken down our list into three categories: the basic necessities every darkroom should have, recommended equipment that will make film developing easier, and additional items that will complete your darkroom.
Use this list as reference before you set up your darkroom operations, or print this list to have as a handy shopping list. If you wish to order any of the products we've listed, call 1.877.600.4497 to speak with one of our darkroom specialists or visit our Golden Valley showroom.
The Basic Necessities
Negative Carrier
Lens Board
Print Trays
Chemical Jugs (3)
Developer, Stop, Fixer
Printing Paper
Mixing Bucket
Mixing Rod
Print Squeegee
Dust Brush
Negative Storage
Dark Bag/Dark Room
Film Tank
Film Reel(s)
Chemical Jugs (3)
Recommended Equipment
Print Tongs
Hypo Clear, Photo-flo
Chemical Jugs (2)
Polycontrast Filters
Film Squeegee
Film Clips
Print Washer
Blotter Book
Projection Print Scale
Canned Air
Cropping Guide
Film Washer
Cotton Gloves
Spotting Dyes
Spotting Brush
Contact Printer
Grain Focuser
The Complete Darkroom
Paper Cutter
Color Print Drum(s)
Motor Base for Print Drum or Rotary Processor
Color Head or Filters
Color Printing Paper
Color Chemicals
Jugs & Graduates for Color Chemistry
Color Print Viewing Filter Kit
Light Table
Dry Mount Press
Mounting Tissue
Bulk Film Loader
Film Cassettes
Darkroom Sink
Water Board
Film Drier
Print Drier
Jugs for Toners
Exposure/Color Analyzer
Repeating Printing Timer
Photo Oils/Pencils